Sharon Towers Welcomes Special “Resident”

Construction has barely begun on Sharon Towers’ newest residences, and already Magnolia Villas has welcomed its first “occupants.”

Red-Tailed Hawk with babies at Sharon TowersA red-tailed hawk and two of her babies have made a home in a tall pine at the site of the independent living apartments set to open in June 2016. As workers from Omega Construction clear the wooded area, they can see the impressive bird with the wingspan of 2½ feet or more. The babies in the nest also make themselves known: “You’ll hear them chirping when it gets to be feeding time,” said Omega’s Dale “Tootie” Fearrington, noting that crews are careful to give mother and children their safe space.

Red-tailed hawks are generally found in open country. So this family making a home in the bustling SouthPark area is a treat for all at Sharon Towers who have seen and heard their neighbors.

Said Sharon Towers President and CEO Anne Moffat: “It’s been such a pleasure to see how many of our residents are engaged in what’s happening with the hawk family. We now have the unique opportunity to support this family of hawks by making sure we do not disturb their nesting area. Seeing the chicks mature and eventually fly away will be a rewarding experience for all of us.”

Anyone who wishes to tour the site should contact the marketing department at 704-553-3807.

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