Vitality And Well-being Has Residents On The Move

Just because you love your home doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun to get away once in a while. At Sharon Towers, our residents enjoy group excursions to area events and cultural activities. Sometimes we even go out of town for a special occasion. Whether it’s music, sports or just taking in the beauty of nature, being active and enjoying the company of friends is always a focus of our vitality and well-being program.

Here are a few of the outings planned for the coming months:

Local Learning

  • Join us for our Fall Enrichment Seminar Series.   Amanda Russell, Sharon Towers Music Therapist, will present “Drumming for Your Health” and share the benefits of drumming and lead us in our first drum circle.

Sweet Sounds

  • Andrew “Finn” McGill performs “Christmas on Violin”, December 16 at 7PM in the City View Clubroom.

Spectator Sports/ Activities

  • Are you a golfer?  Come join us for fun outings at TopGolf indoor driving rage! TopGolf features fun and competitive golf games for all ages, climate-controlled playing “bays” similar to a bowling lane, and impressive food and drink menu.

Road Trip

  • In December the bus will take us to enjoy some holiday concerts at Myers Park High School for the Charlotte Concert Bands Holiday Performance and the The Columbia Museum of Art for a private guided tour of the Vincent Van Gogh exhibit.

For more information on how Sharon Towers uses planned group outings to keep our residents active and engaged, call us at 704-556-3231, or fill out our Contact Form and we’ll be in touch.