I Love Someone Who Has Alzheimer’s Disease

Whether you are a caregiver, a family member or a friend, we want to help you through your special journey of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s Disease or a related Dementia. While the caregiving journey may be a difficult one, we hope our Alzheimer’s and Dementia Education and Support Group can be the safe, supportive and caring community that you have been seeking. We meet monthly and focus on empowering caregivers through education, resources and programming in order for participants to develop methods and skills to manage care and to cope.

We hope you can join us for our next Alzheimer’s and Dementia Education and Support group, where we will talk about helpful hints and ideas for things to do while sending time with your loved one. We will be meeting right here at Sharon Towers, 5100 Sharon Road, at 6:00pm on Thursday, May 12th. Please see the receptionist and they will direct you to the Harris Towne Center. All of our meetings are open to the general public and we encourage you to bring your family or friends as well.

If you’d like more detailed information, contact Stacy Flemming, LRT/CTRS, our Memory Care Manager. Her number is 704-556-3236 or you can email her at: sflemming@sharontowers.org

We look forward to welcoming you!

Alzheimers Disease Graphic
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