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Wholesome, comforting cuisine and an elegant setting make dining at Sharon Towers a delicious experience of Southern charm. The Culinary Services staff wants to ensure that residents have a nutritious experience as well.

As part of a program promoting health and well-being, food is served with health living in mind. That means capitalizing on opportunities to educate residents on what ‘nutritious’ means for seniors, whether it’s fish for Omega 3s and 6s to help with inflammation and joint pain or whole grains to reduce heart disease risk.

In addition, Sharon Towers’ Balance program features food and packaging that emphasizes natural products while limiting artificial substances and inhumane, environmentally harmful practices. This includes:

  • Local products that support American family farms
  • Poultry produced without the routine use of human antibiotics
  • Certified Humane cage-free eggs
  • Social- and ecological-certified coffee
  • Fresh yogurt and milk – free of artificial growth hormones
  • Seafood from sustainable sources
  • Packaging made from renewable resources
  • Waste-reduction practices that minimize environmental impact
  • No artificial trans fat
  • Reduced sodium
  • Tools and incentives that encourage residents to make healthy choices

If you have questions about how Sharon Towers’ culture of health and well-being informs everything we do, call 704-556-3231 to arrange a visit or fill out our Contact Form.

"We actually have more freedom now at Sharon Towers than we ever had in a house. There are activities for everyone! I enjoy knitting group while Doug plays poker, bridge and attends the Bible study."

Emily (and Doug) Booth

“There is real cooperation and respect between Sharon Towers residents, their families and the administrative staff. Every effort is made to accommodate individual residents requests while also ensuring the best medical care and quality of life.”

Carol Young

“Sharon Towers is a place where everyone can feel comfortable. With a calendar full of all kinds of activities, you’ll be surprised how quickly you make true and abiding friends.”

Lib Astin