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Assisted Living

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The professional staff of Sharon Towers is here to help you with any and all life transitions. If there are ever strong indications that your needs can no longer be met through Independent Living, you, along with your family members, your physician and appropriate staff members, might decide to move you to one our Assisted Living floors.

Our Assisted Living includes:

  • Private accommodations
  • Nursing staff available 24 hours per day, seven days per week
  • Group activities offered several times a day
  • Encouragement to take advantage of other programs available throughout our community

At Sharon Towers, we always support your wellness through such programs as:

  • Community Benefit volunteer groups
  • Email or video chat for connecting with family members and friends
  • Community outings
  • Day trips and special event outings
  • Relaxing yoga classes
  • Raised-bed flower gardening

To see how our Assisted Living program fits in with your specific needs, please call us at 704-556-3231 to chat or to arrange for a visit. Or fill out our Contact Form, and we’ll be in touch with you to set up a tour.

"The staff is so caring. They make sure we have social opportunities, even during COVID. They are always looking out for you."

Harry Creemers & Martha Groblewski

"Sharon Towers has it all – friendly residents, caring staff, fine dining, opportunities for vitality and enrichment – and the best location!"

Pat Crutchfield

"There’s so much to love here because it’s very homey. I can have privacy in my own apartment and also be with people when I want to."

Deloris Davis

"I love the location, the congeniality of people, the activities provided. There’s a family atmosphere here and it’s a good feeling."

Evelyn Gerdes

"I feel secure here. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I have peace of mind."

Mattie Grigsby

"I appreciate the camaraderie among residents and I love the location. It’s within walking distance of so many things. Plus, they allowed me to have my dog, Timber."

Cleve Howard

"I have never been in a place where people are so welcoming and the SouthPark area is ideal. The classes they offer that keep you alive and well and moving are the best."

Martha Mallory

"We have a feeling of security, that your children don’t have to be burdened taking care of you. The people here are down-to-earth folks. And someone else does the cooking and cleaning!"

William & Rebecca McNair

"My apartment suits me. I have a balcony that extends the entire length of the apartment. It’s easy to get to know people at Sharon Towers. It’s a good feeling to be here."

Catherine Odom

"We love our apartment in the South Tower. We like the spaciousness. There’s a Southern charm to Sharon Towers."

Anita & Bill Pangle

"I love my apartment. It has everything I need. It’s attractive, comfortable and updated. The sense of community and the support one receives from staff and residents is so important."

Sally Wilkins

"Everyone is so friendly. The staff does a wonderful job protecting us and entertaining us. Everyone here says that."

June Wise