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Since COVID-19 vaccines have dramatically curtailed cases of the coronavirus in our community, much of life at Sharon Towers has returned to pre-COVID times. As such, we are pleased to announce conversion of the COVID-19 web page to a Major News and Announcements page in order to cover numerous important topics, including information related to COVID-19. Please be assured that Sharon Towers remains cautious and alert for changes in the positivity rate that might necessitate changes to our operations.

Anyone wishing to receive updates is encouraged to use the blue button on this page to sign up (If you previously signed up for COVID-19 updates and wish to remain informed, you do not need to take any action – you will automatically receive Major News and Announcements).

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COVID-19 Updates (Updated 7/16/21)

Sharon Towers requires that incoming residents be fully vaccinated upon move-in. In addition, as of October 1, 2021, staff members must be fully vaccinated. Medical and non-medical exemptions apply.

What is the process if a case of COVID-19, the illness resulting from the novel coronavirus, is diagnosed in a resident or staff member?

Any individual testing positive will be isolated in the appropriate setting (i.e., at home, in the hospital, etc.). Public health officials will be contacted as well as anyone determined to be in close contact with the person testing positive. Staff, residents and our/Board of Directors will receive written notification.

What can you tell us about Covid-19 breakthrough cases?

Because no COVID-19 vaccine is 100% effective at preventing illness in those who have been vaccinated, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that it both expects and tracks vaccine breakthrough cases. Based on this information, Sharon Towers is prepared for breakthrough cases that might occur in fully-vaccinated residents and staff members. For more information on this topic, please visit this link.

What follow up information will you release about the status of any cases (i.e., recovered, hospitalized, deceased)?

Sharon Towers strives to be as transparent as possible. However, HIPAA and state privacy laws require that we maintain an individual’s medical privacy both during a person’s stay or term of employment and after a person passes away or is no longer employed by Sharon Towers. Accordingly, Sharon Towers does not release information regarding its residents and staff unless otherwise permitted under HIPAA and state privacy laws.

Visitation (Updated 7/1/21)

All Visitors:

All visitors must wear masks and arrive and exit from the front entrance where the screening station is located. In addition, all staff and outside caregivers will be screened, including temperature, before entering the building. The screening station is staffed Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Independent Living Visitors:

After passing through the screening station, please proceed directly to the resident’s home. At this time, no visits are allowed in the common areas, the hallways or the dining rooms.

Healthcare and Assisted Living Visitors:

Visitors to the Healthcare or Assisted Living areas can visit with their loved ones in their private Healthcare or Assisted Living room as long as no active cases of COVID-19 have been identified. Please be aware that even a single active case is considered an “outbreak” by local health officials. If and when that occurs, indoor visitation will become suspended for that area. No visits are allowed in the common areas, the hallways, another resident’s room or the dining rooms. Upon arrival at the screening station, visitors to healthcare or assisted living will be asked to give their name, phone number, relationship to the resident and to sign in to the HealthCare and Assisted Living Visitation Log. Visitors’ signatures indicates their understanding of the visitation rules.

This information is necessary to allow us to do proper contact tracing if necessary. The visitor’s arrival time and departure time will be documented. Visitors are to notify the screener when they are leaving. Please note that the screener is not allowed to let additional visitors up to a resident’s room if the resident already has two documented visitors listed in the log book who have not yet departed.

Cubigo devices

Welcome to Cubigo (Updated 7/16/21)

This month, Sharon Towers launched Cubigo Community Engagement for residents. Cubigo is an easy-to-use electronic platform that allows residents to stay up-to-date with community news, request services, and connect with staff at any time in any place. Using Cubigo on a smart phone, tablet or computer, residents can now access numerous services using one handy app:

  • Book transportation in a few clicks
  • See the menu not only for the day, but for weeks in the future
  • Make dining reservations
  • Submit maintenance requests
  • Submit housekeeping requests
  • See the different resident committees
  • Access the activities calendar
  • Access resident and team member directories
  • Connect with other residents using the Cubigo chat feature
  • Get reminders for events
  • Access community news

The Vitality and Well-being team conducts weekly training sessions for staff and residents.

"We actually have more freedom now at Sharon Towers than we ever had in a house. There are activities for everyone! I enjoy knitting group while Doug plays poker, bridge and attends the Bible study."

Emily (and Doug) Booth

"Whether I eat in the main dining room or at Allison’s, the meals are first class.”

Isabel Draper

“There is real cooperation and respect between Sharon Towers residents, their families and the administrative staff. Every effort is made to accommodate individual residents requests while also ensuring the best medical care and quality of life.”

Carol Young

“Sharon Towers is a place where everyone can feel comfortable. With a calendar full of all kinds of activities, you’ll be surprised how quickly you make true and abiding friends.”

Lib Astin