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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that cover basic questions you may have about Sharon Towers. If you have already submitted a Contact request, we will be in touch with you shortly. Otherwise, if your question isn’t answered on this page, we’d love to hear from you. Please see our Contact Us page with options.
What is Sharon Towers’ pricing structure?
We are an Entry Fee-based community, which means residents pay an Entry Fee prior to moving to Sharon Towers as well as a monthly service fee that covers the vast majority of living expenses, flexible meal plan, services and amenities. Both Entry and Monthly Service Fees vary depending on type of accommodation and level of care.
What is an Entry Fee?
Incoming residents pay one-time Entry Fees prior to moving to Sharon Towers. These fees give residents the lifetime right to live in their respective accommodations along with access to services, amenities and medical care.
Do you get the Entry Fee back?
Sharon Towers offers three types of Entry Fees: Standard, 50% refundable and 90% refundable. The Standard Entry Fee amortizes over a 12- month period. Residents pay more for the 50% and 90% refundable options, the cost of which is based on the respective Entry Fee and the resident’s actuarial life expectancy.
Are there tax benefits to coming to a community like Sharon Towers?
Potential tax benefits are based on state laws, which can certainly change, so we always advise consulting with your tax adviser. You may be entitled to a one-time deduction of a portion of your Entry Fee. In addition, a portion of Independent Living Residents’ Monthly Service Fees may be considered a medical expense deduction, while 100% of non-reimbursed Monthly Service Fees and medical supplies may be considered deductions for our Assisted Living and Health Care Center residents.

Again, it is important to consult with your tax professional to determine if you qualify for a medical tax deduction.

What levels of care are offered at Sharon Towers?
We offer Independent Living, Assisted Living and Nursing Care in our Health Care Center, so residents do not need to move offsite as their health care needs change and/or increase. In addition, we offer Medicare-certified short-term rehabilitation services for residents and members of the community alike.

Our memory support wing within our Health Care Center is Comfort Matters-accredited. (Sharon Towers is the only community in North Carolina to hold this distinction.)

May I customize my cottage or apartment?
We understand that our residents want to add personal touches to their homes here. If you love what we have done in terms of updates, you’ll simply need to pick your carpet and paint. If, however, you’d like to do more in your Sharon Towers home, you’ll have the chance to discuss those changes during the "upfit" process to determine the feasibility. Costs for customization are the residents’ responsibility.
Does Sharon Towers provide reserved parking and storage?
The short answer is yes. But there are details that vary based on where someone lives on campus.
What is the Sharon Club? How do you become a member? What is the cost?
When you submit your application for residency along with the required fees*, you automatically become a member of the Sharon Club, which includes a variety of benefits, such as complimentary dinners, access to our monthly activities, use of our indoor pool and exercise room and event invitations just for Sharon Club members.

*Application fees: $1,000 wait list fee and a non-refundable $100 per person application fee, so $1,100 should accompany an individual’s application while $1,200 should accompany a couple’s application.

Will I pay real-estate taxes or need to carry home insurance?
As a resident of Sharon Towers you will not be responsible for any real estate taxes. We recommend that residents carry renters’ insurance to protect their contents.
Are pets welcome at Sharon Towers?
Yes, Sharon Towers is a pet-friendly community. In general, residents are allowed a maximum of two cats or dogs per household. Cats must be indoor cats. There is a weight restriction on dogs living in the connected buildings – maximum weight is 25 pounds. However, there is no weight restriction on dogs living in a cottage or Magnolia Villa. Our pet policy will provide additional details if you would like a copy.
Is Sharon Towers a non-smoking campus?
Yes. To support the health and well-being of our residents, staff and visitors, Sharon Towers became a non-smoking campus in 2008.
Why should I choose Sharon Towers?
  • We are lucky in Charlotte to have the number of excellent communities that we do, and we have the utmost respect for our neighbors. Perhaps it will help to know what we hear people say most often about us. (We hear these same things over and over from residents, residents’ family members, people who visit us during their research phase, and more.) History – people appreciate that we opened our doors in 1969, giving us a long, successful track record.
  • Campus – people love our pretty, green, lush campus and are surprised to discover we have 28.5 acres.
  • Location (location, location) – people are excited to realize what a quick walk or drive it is to the multitude of shops and restaurants in the SouthPark neighborhood. We’ve heard more than once that you can’t beat our location with a stick.
  • Community (this one is more of an intangible, but we think the most important of all) – people tell us time and time again how welcome they feel when they come through our doors, whether they are here to visit, have just moved here or are a long-time resident. Becoming a warm, welcoming, inviting community is not something that you can simply include as a yearly goal or hash out in a strategic planning session; it just is. Knowing that people moving here are often leaving homes they’ve lived in for 40 years or more, this aspect of our community means the world to us – and we think to our residents and their families as well.

"We actually have more freedom now at Sharon Towers than we ever had in a house. There are activities for everyone! I enjoy knitting group while Doug plays poker, bridge and attends the Bible study."

Emily (and Doug) Booth

"Whether I eat in the main dining room or at Allison’s, the meals are first class.”

Isabel Draper

"There is real cooperation and respect between Sharon Towers residents, their families and the administrative staff. Every effort is made to accommodate individual residents requests while also ensuring the best medical care and quality of life."

Carol Young

"Sharon Towers is a place where everyone can feel comfortable. With a calendar full of all kinds of activities, you'll be surprised how quickly you make true and abiding friends."

Lib Astin

"The big secret is that Sharon Towers is one of the best restaurants in town.”

Isabel Draper

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