Board of Directors

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Edward (Eddie) S. Booher, Jr.
Douglas K. Bradley
John E. Burton, Jr.
John J. (Jody) Carpenter
Adelaide A. Davis
Michael W. Fischer, Chair
Mildred (Mitzi) P. Folk
Susan M. Goodman
Roberta L. Harper
Timothy J. Ignasher
Robert A. Jones
Virginia L. Kelly
E. Judson McAdams
Rhonda R. McClain
V. Hayden McMahon, Jr.
Richard L. Nichols, Jr.
Freda H. Nicholson
Katherine K. Richards
Randal L. Ripple
Theckla D. Sterrett
R. Christopher Thomas
Velva W. Woollen

"We actually have more freedom now at Sharon Towers than we ever had in a house. There are activities for everyone! I enjoy knitting group while Doug plays poker, bridge and attends the Bible study."

Emily (and Doug) Booth

"Whether I eat in the main dining room or at Allison’s, the meals are first class.”

Isabel Draper